Celebrate New Life by Jeff Beckett

Celebrate New Life

Awesome New Life Camp Family…in spite of COVID craziness WE ARE PLANNING A FALL FUNDRAISING EVENT!  The details of the event are still a work in progress, but it seems safe to say that it will be a little different from most of the fall events you have experienced.  We are going to “Celebrate New Life” in a special way, and we are going to challenge everyone to get pumped up for the true “in earnest” launch of the Dining Hall project.

The details are forming but our former campers who are now donors/champions may really enjoy what we are planning this year.  We plan to form eight teams named after our current eight NLC cabins and compete against one another to help camp achieve some crucial goals.  We will compete to raise funds, to incite first time givers, to support the Dining Hall, and of course, as always, we will compete to win!  We hope to gather in early November (in fact keep the evening of November 6th open), and may end up playing some cabin versus cabin games that evening if we do in fact get to conduct this celebration event.  We hope to see this even go viral among current and former campers, and raise the roof figuratively with lots of excitement and support, and also literally by launching the Dining Hall effort with a great burst of generosity!  Stay tuned, more details to come soon.

While I am talking about your support of New Life Camp, let me also say how much we appreciate the way so many people have stepped up.  We needed you back in May and June when we were trying to do what seemed impossible and so many of you came through.  The result was that camp is happening!  As I write we are finishing week four, which is our first Elementary Camper week.  We have had three children accept Christ in just the last 12 hours, joining many others from our previous weeks!  Isn’t it awesome that a time when many churches have had to be extra cautious about meeting in person, or hold public baptisms, God has allowed NLC to pitch in and do our little part in His great Kingdom enterprise?  How about that? Praise God for New Life!