Camp On! Update by Jeff Beckett

Camp On! Update

I want to take a little time to bring you up to date on the status of Camp On!, the Capital Campaign designed to fund the long-range vision of New Life Camp.  In Phase One of Camp On!, eight beautiful new cabins were constructed, along with a little demo of older facilities.

Phase Two

In Phase Two of Camp On! the primary objective is to construct a new Dining Hall.  That Dining Hall will serve about 330 diners at a time and will be located behind the current Tabernacle.  It will be a flexible space with a stage area for performance, as well as nice covered porches for out of doors congregating.  It is essential to be able to feed that many folks as we begin to expand our other facilities in this great and necessary plan.  The preliminary design of the Dining Hall is complete; however, we are currently in a brief pause while we adjust a few things in the design.

Where We Are Now

Through your generosity, Camp On! has about $1M in hand and another $300K pledged, so camp is in a great position to get this project started as soon as the bidding, and permitting is complete.  I will put an artist’s rendering of the Dining Hall in front of you as soon as possible, and as soon as we have the final scope of the project more clearly in focus we will begin in earnest to re-invigorate Camp On! with lots of promotion and effort, and continue to build out this awesome vision of the New Life Camp future!

Exciting Things Coming

I know there has been a bit of a lull in activity with COVID hitting and a leadership transition happening at camp, but it is going to be exciting as we plan to get the Tabernacle going as soon as possible as the Dining Hall project winds down!  So, when things do get rolling, hang on to your hat!

Here is what I do know… we will need an additional $1M to complete the Dining Hall.  This is a tall order, but the God who holds up the world, and held back COVID is more than able to help us become as generous as we need to accomplish this task!  Don’t wait for the artist’s renderings or fancy invitations… You can support Camp On! today with a sacrificial gift toward Camp On! Phase 2!

We are excited as we rejoice in our past and imagine our future.  Camp On!