We had the delight of sitting down with Greta (7), Wesley (11) and Seth (14) who have each attended NLC’s various summer programs and asked them to share what New Life Camp means to them.

Seth shared with us that “this summer, when everything was closed, it was a relief to get away from the stress of my life and go to camp. Over the years at camp, I have learned that God is always listening and wants to talk to me even when you think no one else does. The staff and counselors taught me how to be more open around new people and to be myself. They were always ready to listen to anything I had to say. This summer, I am going to be a Counselor in Training (CIT). I am excited to be able to impact other kids the same way the counselors impacted me!

Globally this year has truly been remarkable and it has been no different around New Life Camp. We are so grateful that TOGETHER we have been able to offer families a place to experience a sense of normalcy during very unusual times in the nation.

As late as mid-May, we were still uncertain that government restrictions would allow us to host “in-person” summer camp. I can say that since May, we have boldly charged ahead and done everything that was possible to provide a Gospel-Centered place of love, belonging and adventure for children, in the midst of the stringent disinfecting and screening process.

We have seen hundreds of kids not only impacted by the Good News of Jesus but also thrive where they are able to intimately connect with other children while facing the isolation and loneliness that the pandemic brought. This is a gift we were so grateful to offer at NLC.

The future is incredibly bright at New Life Camp, as we continue to be a steady anchor for children in a season where many comforts and constants have been stripped, changed or are uncertain.

There are two temporary provisions in the CARES Act that may affect your Year-End giving.  As always, please consult your tax advisor.


  1. The CARES Act provides for a $300 above-the-line deduction for taxpayers who use the standard deduction.
  2. For donors who itemize their deductions, the CARES Act temporarily eliminates the 60% of adjusted gross income cap on the deductible charitable contributions. For example, a taxpayer with $1 million in adjusted gross income would normally only be able to deduct $600,000 in charitable contributions, but this year, they could deduct $1 million in contributions. This means there may be an additional tax incentive to make charitable contributions this year or to pay the full amount of a multi-year pledge before December 31st, 2020.