What is Camp On!?

Camp On! is the Capital Funding campaign for the crucial two-phase expansion of New Life Camp. This expansion is not only necessary but will ultimately double our dining capacity and worship capacity, as well as add new exciting elements of fun and adventure.

This web page is dedicated to creating a simple understanding of where we have been and where we are going.  NLC is a Camp dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ far and wide through excellence, adventure, belonging, teaching, and training in the Gospel-oriented life.  We do this not only through our camp programs but through sports and educational enrichment ministries as well.  In fact, if you look over the NLC Master Plan, you will see something for everybody to get excited about as we attempt to upgrade aging facilities and expand small spaces to help us reach our growing New Life Camp family. To accomplish Phase 2 of our Camp On! Campaign, we estimate that we will need to raise approximately $1.1M. A faithful donor has stepped up to offer a full matching gift on the remaining funding needs of the Dining Hall and Tabernacle!

Let’s Celebrate the Camp On! Progress

So, how has Camp On! progressed so far? All things considered… pretty great!

Through the generosity of hundreds of donors and church partners, in Phase One of Camp On!, about $2M was generously given and eight beautiful new cabins were constructed and are getting pretty close to being completely paid for. The cabins reflect the historical NLC commitment to excellence, and belonging in a setting full of adventure and the love of Christ, with names like Fellowship, Miracle, Brothers, Freedom, etc…

Eight Cabins-01

Dramatic Spiritual Impact!

We are reaching more kids with the Gospel than ever before since Camp On! began.

We have faced massive waitlists for some programming since the construction of the new cabins.

Hundreds of kids have come to faith in Christ since 2018, and thousands have been encouraged and invested in with life-changing discipleship!

So it is time to finish a task well begun!

Between now and the end of 2023
New Life Camp will build:

What we are building-01

Step 1: The Dining Hall

This $2.8M expansion, located behind the current Tabernacle will double our Dining Hall capacity. This space will also serve as a large assembly area with a stage. We need approximately $500K to be fully funded!

Dining Hall Facts

Dining Hall Facts-01
  • On September 11, 2021, we broke ground on the $2.8M Dining Hall.
  • Great work on the Dining Hall has already happened. We have a completed design and are currently going through permitting.
  • We have received $1.8M in donations toward this project! As mentioned we already have an estimated $500K pledged in a matching gift. We believe that the remaining $500K can be raised as the construction transpires.


  • Increased seating capacity for campers and staff
  • Upgraded kitchen facilities which will increase capacity from preparing 150 meals to 500 meals at a time
  • Increased space for Summer Camp Dining Hall Programs
  • Financial savings from an upgraded HVAC and other systems

Step 2: The Tabernacle

Camp On Step 2-02

Tabernacle Facts

The Tabernacle is a sacred space where worship, prayer, and teaching of scripture all happen. It is holy ground that the Lord has blessed and it needs to be relocated, rebuilt, and upgraded so it can be used by the next generation of worshippers. The estimated construction costs for the new Tabernacle are around $1M… and we have an estimated $500K pledged in a matching gift.


  • A necessary upgrade to the currently structurally challenged Tabernacle
  • Larger, more efficient worship space for children to use year-round and summer
  • Flexible classroom, worship and Bible study space
  • Updated sound/AV/HVAC and other systems

Step 3: More Fun & Adventure

Fun & Adventure Facts


  • Summer Camp is a place to have fun, excitement, adventure and new experiences
  • It is a great place to take positive risks
  • New elements and experiences keep kids coming back for more
  • We are able to use activities like these to draw children and their families in so we can share the love of Jesus Christ with them

Why Partner with NLC for CAMP ON!?

  • We partner with other non-profits like Angel Tree, Refugee Hope Partners, Triangle Soccer Academy and Local Churches to reach more kids all over our local area with the Gospel.

  • Raleigh is one of the top areas in the US for families.

  • We are an easily accessible location in our city for children.

  • We have a solid history of serving children and families for 70 years.


Our Why

New Life Camp exists to love, accept and introduce children and their families to Jesus Christ and equip them to live lives that glorify God.

How Are We Going To Make This Happen?