Frequently Asked Questions

As parents, your children are among the most valuable gifts that God has given you. While your child’s well-being is of utmost importance to you, you also want your child to experience the adventure, growth and fun that summer camp brings. You can do both. Whether sending your child to New Life Camp or anywhere else where they will be away from you for an extended time, here are some questions you should ask of those you entrust with your child.

At New Life Camp, we feel that more important than our facilities or program are the staff that we choose. We take this responsibility very seriously. Every staff member goes through an extensive application process of:

  • Application
  • Interview with two full-time staff members
  • Reference Check
  • Background Checks (from both criminal and national sex offender websites)

After this process, we choose whom we believe to be the very best candidates in our pool of applicants.

Each counselor has gone through training. Some of the areas covered in this training include:

  • Group Management
  • Camp Rules & Staff Policies
  • Camper Discipline and Behavior
  • Camper Hygiene
  • Child Protection
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Training
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Health & Safety
  • Personal Counseling
  • Privacy
  • Special Needs Inclusion
  • Supervision
  • Weather-Related Procedures

Every 18 campers have at least 2 counselors assigned to them who do everything with them; day campers ages 4-7 have at least 3 counselors assigned. On top of the training the staff receives in keeping all campers in vision and acting when necessary, the campers also receive this instruction: “You should never be where a counselor is not.” Every event starts with a headcount. We also have a missing camper procedure in place, if it is ever needed.

We instruct all the campers that it is not only appropriate but necessary to report any incident to anyone either hurting them or making them feel uncomfortable. Reports should go to their counselor or any other staff member. All accusations will be taken seriously.

After camp, there is sometimes great opportunity to mentor campers beyond the summers. Many parents develop a love for their child’s counselor and the effects their relationship has caused. However, we think it would be a mistake to give unsupervised access to your child to any adult outside of your family. That being the case, while having full confidence in our staff within our program, we do not recommend them as babysitters or any other situations that would involve them being alone with a child, including private conversations by phone, text, social media, etc. For further information on our policies, please email us.

Please email for any questions concerning the waitlist.

We do try to honor the requests of our campers but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate every campers’ friend/group request.

It depends on the program. We recommend visiting our Programs page to find the correct program for your child and the corresponding packing list.

If you must pick you child up early, please contact the office (919)847-0764 in advance to let them know what time you would like to pick up your child.

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